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In two easy steps, Roambi transforms your business reports and data — from IBM, SAP, Oracle, Qlikview, Microsoft and more — into immersive mobile analytics for any iPhone or iPad. Make smarter decisions, on-the-go.

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Roambi Analytics transforms your company's critical business intelligence into immersive mobile analytics, instantly delivered to any iPhone or iPad. Its unique user experience lets you quickly and intuitively access and analyse up-to-the-minute company information for faster, smarter decisions - whenever and wherever you make them.

There are 2 business versions:

  • Roambi PRO:
    Whether you are a small organisation or workgroup, Roambi Pro is a secure, hosted service that connects your on-the-go team with up-to-the-minute company information. It transforms data from Excel, Google spreadsheets and Salesforce CRM into rich, interactive visualizations — securely delivered to any iPhone or iPad.

  • Roambi ES4: Roambi Analytics ES4 is a secure, on-premise server solution that transforms your critical business reports and data — from all the major BI systems, as well as Excel and Salesforce CRM — into immersive analytics for the iPhone and iPad.
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Roambi Flow
turns anyone into a publisher for the iPad. Just point-and-click to include editorial, graphical and collaborative content with Roambi analytics. Then on-the-go workers can conveniently flip through topics and reports. Tap to focus on the full story, and swipe to analyse the data.

Roambi Flow unlocks all the value of your business information. It is an innovative business app and information publishing platform that lets you easily create and share all types of information and intelligence in simple, intuitive and engaging business reports — securely, on the iPad.

Built from the ground up to leverage the unique experience of the iPad, Roambi Flow builds on the power of Roambi Analytics to create compelling magazine-style publications based on custom content or existing documents. With the new PDF import capabilities in Roambi Present, any document can be easily transformed into a dynamic report containing interactive analytics.
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