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Data Warehousing

Whether a large corporate, a government organisation or a medium sized business, vast amounts of data accumulates within legacy, enterprise resource planning, SCM, CRM and other systems. The information contained within this data could be invaluable to identifying and implementing process and business changes that would reduce costs, increase profits and open up new markets. Unfortunately, accessing, verifying and analysing this data is often difficult, if not impossible.

The primary reason for building a data warehouse is to develop an intelligent, consolidated view of organisationl information. Data warehousing is an automated process that consolidates data from disparate systems into a common repository where it is verified, reconciled and transformed into clean data.

End users can then either receive preformatted reports or extract and analyse information. End users can act on this information with the confidence that decisions are being based on accurate information formed from enterprise wide view.

Whether building data marts or a data warehouse, the key to delivering a sound return on investment is detailed planning and a deep understanding of the customer’s requirements. When building your information store ASYST Intelligence will work with to identify:

  • End User information requirements – from senior stakeholders to operational users
  • Architecture
  • System Requirements
  • How and when to integrate which data sources